Green Aventurine Flower Keychain

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Origin: Italy, Brazil, China, India, Russia and Nepal

Attributes: Aventurine is a form of quartz, characterized by its translucency and the presence of platy mineral inclusions that give a shimmering or glistening effect termed "aventurescence". It is a very positive stone of prosperity. Wearing Aventurine absorbs electromagnetic smog and protects against its emanations. It defuses negative situations and turns them around.

 Healing: Aventurine benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue and nervous system. It balances blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism, lowering cholesterol and preventing arteriosclerosis and heart attacks. Aventurine has an anti-inflammatory effect and eases skin eruptions, allergies, migraines, and soothes the eyes.  It heals lungs, sinuses, heart, muscular and urogenital systems.

Position: Hold or place on appropriate point.